Symantec’s Norton 2014 product line

Norton is known for being a world renowned safety provider.  Its role for internet back-up is useful to many internet users.


What it offers?

  • Norton Online Back Up – this is an offer that includes various options involving web back-up services. With this type of service, you are given the chance to save many distinct types of files. You can do this for about three months. This can even make use of 128-bit SSL file encryption. The main advantage of using this is the fact that this is supported by many company national infrastructures. Knowing this alone can be an assurance that Norton is recognized around the world.
  • Norton 360 V6 Anti-virus – This is commended as a powerful antivirus. Once installed, it can automatically take care of your security system. It is also a good protection against spyware, hackers attack, virus, data loss, identity theft and even other malicious things that may just corrupt your files. Upon seeing the product, it has a dashboard that can be a control to four major areas in a computer. These areas are related to security covering PC, Backup, Identity and as well as PC Tune-up. This antivirus features filters which can all be used against Phishing. The filters can also be used to protect emails, monitor IM, block spyware and even scan on social networking websites like Facebook.
  • Norton Internet Security – From the name itself, it provides security in going online anytime, anywhere. This will keep you secured whenever you surf, bank and shop online. When there are social media scams, this can warn you as well. It has the ability to stop threats that may happen today or tomorrow. In case of dangerous download, they will block it in entering the PC. It can even boost the performance of the PC for a faster computer usage. This package can be bought in less than $50. This may change though depending on how long you want to use it. You will be able to save $30 using our Norton Internet security coupon mentioned in first post if you are to use it now.
  • Norton Utilities – this is what you need if you want a faster PC. Norton Utilities can be purchased in less than $30 by using the norton coupon code mentioned above. This software can help your old PC run like it is new. It can also speed up your start-up. Common PC problems can also be dealt with using this antivirus. This can eventually repair problems related to hard drive hence, giving you free spaces for your drive. It features duplicate file finder, system dashboard, application uninstaller, speed disk, disk doctor, disk cleaner, registry cleaner, registry defragmenter and as well as registry store.  This can somehow serve as your protection as well whenever you do various activities using the internet.
  • Norton Mobile Security – from what the name implies, it is intended to protect your mobile phone while you are in the midst of surfing the internet. This is compatible with Android phones, iPhone’s and even iPad. This can pinpoint your missing device on a map. You get to store restore contacts using this device too.

By considering the above mentioned offers, it would not be that difficult for you to choose what you need. Your every computer issue can be addressed with Norton.